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Film: Lei disse sì



Film: Lei disse sì

Presented by the director, Maria Pecchioli.

Lei disse sí - Just Say Yes The revolution has just started, one bouquet toss at a time! Maria Pecchioli will present the documentary film Lei disse sì (Just Say Yes) in conversation with curator Alessandra Saviotti.Just Say Yes is a love story made of music, rejection and abandonment, welcoming and sharing, unexpected events, friends and family, the cheerful witnesses of a dream come true. It’s the tale of two women who love each other. Just Say Yes is a fragment of Italy, a collection of Swedish woods and lakes; it’s a wedding party where the main ingredients on the menu are civil rights. Synopsis: Florence, Fall 2012: Child : “Why not in Italy?” Mother: “Because in Italy two women can’t get married to each other.” Child : “Why? Mum, tell me, tell me why!” Everything’s so simple in the mind of a child: when two people love each other, they get married! Just like in dreams, in fairy tales, and in civilized countries. In Italy in 2013, however, it is not that easy since marrying a person of the same sex is not allowed. Lorenza and Ingrid have been in love for seven years and they wish to get married: that’s why they involve friends and family in the preparation of the wedding that will take place in Sweden, a country where everybody can get married, during the midsummer festival on June 21, 2013. Aware of amplifying the voice of all those who are denied the right to imagine a future together, the two women bring to life a tale which is romantic, political, serious and light-hearted all at once, where the theme of happiness is brought on by the importance of sharing, by the choice of the clothes and by all those “little things” that nourish marriage as a rite. Please register here for this event.


Date: Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Entrance : Free