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Raffaella Buschiazzo: Act Global, Think Local - Leverage Localization



Raffaella Buschiazzo: Act Global, Think Local - Leverage Localization

A Baia Executives Meetup

Products and services need to feel natural in the cultures where they are used. But when companies don’t properly localize their offerings for each major market, it can be an expensive mistake. From missing growth opportunities to decreasing market shares, from products that are half localized to machine translated content, we’ll discuss why companies should plan a global infrastructure from inception and how they can avoid the worst pitfalls. Raffaella Buschiazzo Raffaella Buschiazzo is a Senior Localization Program Manager at Salesforce in San Francisco, where she is responsible for the localization of all technical product documentation. She has been working in the localization industry for almost twenty years, starting in 1997 at a financial software company in Geneva, Switzerland. Since 2005 she has been doing localization in Silicon Valley companies including Apple, Cisco, and She has an MA in Translation and postgraduate degrees in Terminology and Automated Translation from the University of Geneva. She worked as a freelance translator for a number of years. To participate and find out more about this event, please visit this page.


Date: Thursday, April 28, 2016

Entrance : Free