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Pirandello's Cinematic Visions
Pirandello's Cinematic VisionsMer 25 Ott 2017

On the occasion of Luigi Pirandello's 150th birthday, the Italian Cultural Institute presents a conversation on the role of cinema in the playwright's work and imagination. With Laura Wittman (Stanford) and Michael Subialka (UC Davis).The event is part of the XVII Week of Italian Language in the World, whose theme for 2017...

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Literary Locations (III): Pirandello's Sicily
Literary Locations (III): Pirandello's SicilyMer 1 Nov 2017

As the third installment of the Literary Locations series, the Italian Cultural Institute presents a screening of the film "Kaos," a brilliant adaptation by the Taviani brothers of four short stories by Pirandello. After Naples and Rome, the Literary Locations series travels farther south to the place that has perhaps...

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